Saying goodbye to Jennifer Granger Sullivan

By Rebecca Osowski, Kait Bedell & Samantha Vega-TorresFeatures Editor, News Editor & 1851 Contributor

Alumnus Laura Gunning taking a photo of Professor Golden and Jennifer Granger Sullivan. Photo by Rebecca Osowski

On September 17, Jennifer Granger Sullivan worked her last day in the Office of Student Activities and Orientation after 14 years. Granger Sullivan began her career at Lasell as Assistant Director of Student Activities. Within three years, she was promoted to Director of Student Activities while serving as an adjunct professor of the first year seminar course “Exploring Leadership.”

“I chose Lasell because of the community and the people that I had met and that is true still. I think that the community is special. The community changes and students come and go, but there’s a lot of similarities with our student body,” said Granger Sullivan.

Granger Sullivan has been at Lasell for many changes on campus, including the construction of many residence buildings and the renovation of Arnow Campus Center. During that time, Granger Sullivan said she has one memory that stands out to her.

“I think something that comes to mind is the first Relay For Life. I have a mother who is a breast cancer survivor, so when we were able to pull off the first one it was really great…I think we all knew we were beginning something,” said Granger Sullivan.

Relay For Life is a tradition at Lasell University. According to the American Cancer Society, the event raises money in hopes of finding a cure.

While studying for her doctorate of education from Northeastern University, which she received in 2021, Granger Sullivan was considering the next steps for her family.

Granger Sullivan and her husband considered moving to California to follow his family but decided their next step should be to be close to her family in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

She went on to share that Lasell University will always have a special place in her heart, mentioning things could have been different depending on a variety of factors.

“If I could move Lasell, that probably would have been on the table, and if there were opportunities here that made sense for me to potentially move up, I would have considered it. That just wasn’t in the cards, so that played into all the decision making,” said Granger Sullivan.

Senior Maggie Clukey has known Granger Sullivan for four years and worked closely with her for various different projects. Clukey said it is a hard goodbye for her.

“It’s sad to see her leave but happy to see her go because she’s gonna have so many great opportunities,” Clukey said.

Professor of Journalism Marie Franklin spoke about Granger’s impact on the Lasell community saying, “Jenny Granger’s work has affected thousands of students at Lasell. The memory of her work will remain with Lasell alum for many, many years.”

Junior Michael Woo has known Granger Sullivan for three years, first meeting her in his Exploring Leadership class and eventually working with her as a peer mentor, first year class president and orientation leader.

“Jenny had a big role in really developing leaders to be their fullest selves and deliver their fullest potential as student leaders and I think that is definitely something we are going to miss. She impacted me in so many ways and…inspired me to be who I am today as a student leader,” Woo said.

If Woo could send his mentor off with any final thought he would say, “Thank you, Jenny, you impact students on a daily basis. Continue the work you do, the passion you give and the experience and knowledge you have is truly limitless wherever you go next.”

Thomas Morgan, former Assistant Director of Commuter Life and Intercultural Initiatives, stepped up as the new Director of Student Activities and Orientation. The office is conducting interviews to fill the role of Assistant Director of Student Activities and Coordinator for Student Organizations.

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