Women’s volleyball honors Alysha Rentas, takes home win on night of remembrance

By Abi Brown – Arts Editor

The entire team joins Alysha Rentas’ mother, stepfather, and brother, and close friends on the court. Photo by Abi Brown

The women’s volleyball team faced off against Bridgewater State University on Thursday, October 7. It was also a night of remembrance for former player Alysha Rentas, who passed away on August 3 in her hometown of Athol, Mass. 

The night had an emotional start, with a few players meeting Alysha’s mother, stepfather, and brother on the court to present them with her framed jersey as well as flowers for their collective condolences. 

The stands, as well as the track above the court, were filled with the teary faces of fellow classmates who came in support for Alysha’s family, friends, and teammates. After this very moving moment, the Lasers were ready to give their all. 

Players join Alysha Rentas’ mother, stepfather, and brother on the court to gift them Alysha’s sports portrait, her framed jersey, and flowers. Photo by Abi Brown

Senior Jessica Langan got off to a hot start, serving up an ace almost immediately. Not too long into the first period, Laser’s were already up 14-8. 

The first and second sets were a sweep for Lasers, winning the first set 25-16, and the second 25-17. However, the start to the third was giving players and the crowd alike the jitters, as Bridgewater State took the initial lead this time around. However, that didn’t last long as the home team made play after play, like one of the multiple killer blocks from first-year Madalyn Scully

First-year Ashlee Long sets up for a jump float serve. Photo by Abi Brown

First-year McKenna McCool also had a really strong game, boasting a hitting percentage of .400. Assistant Coach Zack Pindara thought McCool had a strong outing. Another exceptional player on the night was first-year Sabine Milton, who had 11 kills with a .280 hitting percentage. 

The Laser’s took home the win after finishing off the third set 25-20. It was an intense game, but the coaches and players were able to leave feeling proud, “It was definitely a really emotional night,” Pindara commented. “It felt really good for us to do something so special for Alysha’s family… It was really nice to have them here for the game as well, it brought great energy to our team.”

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