First Impression

By Ally Perkins1851 Contributor

Ally Perkins posing for her senior pictures. Photo Courtesy of Ally Perkins

My shoes were dry when I showed up to Lasell at 3 p.m. that first afternoon. Later that night? Not so much.

It was hours in when, to my surprise, the fire alarm went off. My roommate and I looked at each other, confused about why the school would assemble a fire drill this early on. The water seeping out from the room across the hall, however, told us that this was indeed not a drill.

What felt like an hour passed and we were let back into the building. I was frantically rushing down the crowded hallway to assess the damage. My feet splashed below me as I unlocked our door. A pool of water sat in our new home.

Those first two nights we were brought to a house on campus to sleep. About 12 girls, rooms varying degrees of flooded, carrying their backpacks and pillows down Woodland Road.

To say that this was an easy start to college would be a lie. It sure made for a fun start, though. I had quite a few good laughs about it.

I learned about myself in the process. I was proud of how easily I was able to adapt to my ever-changing conditions and circumstances. During those first few days I got to bond with people on my floor through something we all experienced and related to. I saw how understanding this school was and the community feel that comes with it.

What resulted from a seemingly overwhelming experience was friendships forged in fire…or more accurately, flood.

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