Men’s soccers’ first tie of the season

By Karissa Gaughan1851 Contributor

Sophomore Jonny Pryce challenges Regis junior forward Santiago Pedraza Novak. Photo by Karissa Gaughan

In anticipation of a noon start for the men’s soccer team, referees were a no show when the timer zeroed out for game time.

At 12:34 p.m, Lasell finally started the game with the first kick after officials arrived.

Within the first five minutes, both teams got shots off, missing wide. The on field referee had already managed to stop the game twice, telling players to “knock it off.”

Control of the game remained even until around 24 minutes in, when senior Jake Ouellette got a breakaway going down the left sideline, managing to cross the ball over into the penalty box for sophomore Jaydon Perez to put the first goal away of the game (his third of the season).

The first half ended with nail biting saves from senior Zack Laware, as Regis missed all 11 shots taken. The Lasers’ offense only had two shots in the entire half, but managed to hold a 1-0 heading into halftime.

Senior goalie Zack Laware making one of his many saves during the game in the second half. Photo by Karissa Gaughan

Both teams came back aggressively when play resumed. Regis players seemed to be responding with more physical aggression, becoming the primary mentality on field for the half.

Seven minutes into the second half, the first yellow card of the game was called on Regis first-year Brevin Frankel. Soon after, junior Dawson DosVais subbed in for the home team after first-year Shane Previty suffered a hamstring injury. Another 10 minutes in, the second card of the game was placed on Regis senior Marcos Rivera. Yelling from players caused the referee to pause the game and talk to both teams for a third time.

24 minutes into the second half, first-year Frederico Lavini-Ayalla answered for Regis, tying the match and scoring his first goal of the season after missing a header minutes before.

With five minutes left in the game, a fight ensued at midfield. Two players started fighting on the ground, while others on the field started to gather and pull them off. No card was called against either team; Regis was given the ball to play in.

However, with a minute left, a third yellow card was pulled, this time on Perez.

Heading into overtime at 1-1, players from both sides were eager to prove a point. However in the first half of overtime, neither team was able to score again.

In the second 10 minutes of OT, the two teams again showed their eagerness for the win, but despite their best efforts, the final score remained 1-1 as the final whistle blew, ending the match in a tie.

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