The First Two Weeks

By Owen Kwet1851 Contributor

Here at Lasell I have certainly connect with a handful of people. Mostly my roommate. I have anxiety so I tend to be by myself, but exploring a new environment is okay. I’m experiencing something I thought I’d never be able to do. And it feels nice. I love the food, especially the junk food. It feels like I’ve been here longer than I should be. Of course, I miss my mom and my dog Fatty. My dad too. And my brother Noah as well.

I don’t have a favorite class, at least not right now because I’ve only been to my classes for a week and a half. The work is okay, but very daunting and sometimes feels like I’m overwhelmed. But eventually I realize that this isn’t as bad as it seems, it can be fun sometimes. Of course, that depends on what class I’m in.

My roommate and I get along well, and we learned to respect each other. It is also great getting to join and look at a handful of clubs I intend to join, or I have already joined, like Lasell Community TV. I just can’t wait to try these other clubs, but I also can’t wait to be with my family again once vacation rolls around.

Choosing a major is something I can’t wait for either, because I’m either doing something in Communications or Humanities. Those are the fields I feel most connected to. But we’ll see where life takes me, after all it’s only been two weeks (I had to do that).

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