Forever (Fashion) Forward

By Julia McNicol – 1851 Contributor

Lasell University provides more opportunity for fashion students as they have the option to study not only fashion design and fashion merchandising, but also fashion media and marketing, a major that many other schools do not offer. While Lasell did recently change the name of the fashion communication and promotion major to fashion media and marketing, this has been a major that the school has carried on for many years. Many students even tend to major in one of these and minor in another to broaden their knowledge of the fashion world.

Knowledge of these three areas makes Lasell’s students valuable job candidates to future employers. The opportunities given to students at this school are extraordinary. When looking at prospective colleges, I applied to six schools in six different states. Lasell was the only one that had a fashion major other than design and merchandising. Just as much as this made Lasell stand out for me, having the experience and skill in another unique area in fashion will make you stand out when applying for jobs post-grad.

The Fashion program at Lasell is one of the biggest and strongest programs on the university’s campus. According to, Fashion comes in as the second most popular major under Communications. While a school like Marist College in New York is very well known for their fashion merchandising program, they lack the expertise in the media, marketing, and communication side of fashion. When working in fashion, it is expected to be knowledgeable in a few areas of the industry, but much more beneficial if you understand the other parts of the industry that may not be your specific niche.

Some could argue that you only need to be an expert in your specific field, so if you are working on visual merchandising or buying you don’t need to work on anything design or communications related. This is not true as design, merchandising, and marketing all work together to create the successes of brands and big fashion names. Besides the seamlessness of understanding the industry from different specialties, Lasell excels in giving students the opportunity towards more areas in the industry where they can flourish. The more experience you have across multiple areas can help you narrow down and determine what you like best, so then you can choose what you want to take on in the real world.

The opportunities are endless for fashion students attending Lasell University. While being enrolled in the School of Fashion, students have the option of choosing between three different fashion majors being fashion design and production, fashion merchandising and management, and fashion media and marketing. Lasell University’s motto is Forever Forward, but I believe Lasell is truly “Forever (fashion) Forward”.

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