Celebration for largest community donation

By Claire Crittendon, Alexandra White & Karissa GaughanCo-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Contributors

On October 18, the newly dedicated Michal Longe ‘95 School Of Business hosted a celebration at the Dunne House to commemorate the largest donation given to Lasell, and the family behind it. 

The donation of 6.6 million dollars was given to the School of Business by the family of Michal Longe, who passed away due to complications with cystic fibrosis in 2003. Longe was an alumna who graduated in 1995 with an associate’s degree in Marketing. The event officially renamed the School Of Business to the ‘Michal Longe ’95 School of Business.’

A series of speeches were given by President Alexander, Provost Eric Turner, alumni Nicholas (‘19) and Rachel Carlino (‘21), Student Government Association President junior Michael Woo, Dean Matthew Riley, and City of Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller.

President Alexander highlighted Longe’s achievements and what the donation means to the School of Business. “She did really well academically and socially here,” said Alexander. “She got a lot of support and individualized attention while she was here. So, eight years after she graduated, she passed away from her disease. 20 years later, and her mother made a contribution … [Michal’s Lasell experience] was one great time in her life.” 

Former Vice President Kathleen O’Connor knew Longe personally, and told Alexander “Michal loved Lasell, and Lasell loves Michal.”

Administrative Coordinator Nancy Anderson said that this event is bittersweet, “As a parent, I have such empathy. What a beautiful way to have your daughter’s memory live on and on forever.” Anderson believes this generous donation will create more opportunities for business students.

Many students of the Michal Longe ’95 School of Business are excited to see what the future holds. Senior Lauren Barbuzzi, a fashion merchandising student with a minor in entrepreneurship, says she thinks it’s amazing that the Longe family contributed to the School of Business, and that she “can’t wait to see what happens from here.”

When asked which professor within the School have stood out in her four years, senior hospitality student Kaitlyn Hennesey said, “Professor Mobar, Siddharth Mobar…since the beginning. He cares so much about students. I appreciate him so much. This is gonna be a great day.”

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