New shows for your fall watchlist

By Holly Feola – Opinion Editor

Graphic by Holly Feola

Looking for new shows to watch that will keep your interest? Here are some trending shows you can watch on Hulu, Netflix, and Disney Plus.

Netflix: Squid Game

In this suspenseful thriller, a character named Gi-hun finds himself navigating a dangerous game for a large sum of money. The game is filled with shocking challenges that end up eliminating players each round. The game starts off with 456 players but will Gi-hun have the luck to outlast them all?

Netflix: Maid

In this limited series the main character, Alex, is a mother escaping an abusive relationship and tries to find a way to support herself and her daughter by becoming a maid. Will Alex make the right choices to ensure her daughter has a bright future despite their situation?

Netflix: The Circle (Season 3)

A group of contestants enters into a reality show competition, where each player remains confined to an apartment. Contestants get to know one another via circle chat where they can take privately or amongst groups. Games and other virtual events take place where players learn more about each other. The trick is, players can catfish other people. Players must rate each other from 1-10. Those with the best rankings achieve the “influencer” role, where they can block a fellow partner. All of this for the sum of $100,000.

Hulu: Only Murders in the Building

In this mystery crime show directed by Selena Gomez, three characters find themselves investigating for the truth, however, the closer they get, the more lies they uncover. Through their search for answers, they come to a chilling realization that a killer could be closer than they think. Will they be able to identify the killer before it’s too late?

Hulu: Dopesick

This Hulu Original drama is adapted from the nonfiction book Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug company that Addicted America. This series tells the story of how OxyContin became the infamous drug it is known to be.

Hulu: Alter Ego

This show creates an opportunity for vocalists to compete against each other without sharing their identities. The performers get to take the stage as their own virtually displayed creative characters.

Disney+: Visions

This Star Wars anime series shorts takes viewers through alternate stories in the galaxy far far away. Each episode is about 20 minutes long or shorter, making it an easy binge series. This series introduces new characters to the franchise.

Disney+: What If…

This Marvel show is a series of short 20-minute episodes that are brought together by a single question “what if?” The show features familiar heroes but each of their movie storylines has a twist to it. Marvel fans are able to see different character crossovers they would have never seen before.

Disney+: Magic Bake Off

In this sweet competition, young bakers battle to win Disney-inspired challenges to win a recipe video of their wedding cake, a deluxe baking set, and the Magic Bake Off Trophy. For each episode, there are three teams that each have two bakers that will compete to be crowned the winner.

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