An autumn 2021 mixtape

By Rachel Shepard – Copy Editor

Graphic by Rachel Shepard

Autumn is a time of change, the weather gets colder and classes become harder. However, change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. This is the perfect time of year to add some new songs to your rotation for the fall. 

“Lady Grinning Soul” – David Bowie

The opening piano solo after Bowie begins singing feels odd, like autumn leaves are swirling around in a gust of wind. The overall atmosphere of “Lady Grinning Soul” is wonderful for walking around campus on a sunny autumn day when the leaves are still turning.

“People Are Strange” – The Doors

Cold and detached from reality, Jim Morrison croons into the listener’s ears about the feeling of uneasiness when sticking out. People seem cruel and grotesque, sidewalks uneven, and there’s a chill in the air. A perfect song for celebrating the Halloween season without being explicitly about ghouls and goblins. 

“Naima” – John Coltrane

This is the only instrumental song in this selection, and for good reason. A soft blend of saxophone, piano, and a quiet drum convey a warm and cozy sound that can easily be swayed to. Coltrane named this ballad after his wife and embraces sharing the things we love with others. “Naima” is great for showing off to a partner during cuffing season, or even during the quiet hours after a Thanksgiving meal with friends and family.

“The adults are talking” – The Strokes

As mid-semester comes around, feeling a slump mentally and physically is normal. The Strokes take that feeling of frustration surrounding expectations, of not having a plan for what’s coming next, and channel that into a slightly grungy beat. This song could be a great study track, or even better, a study break song.

“Rhinestone Eyes” – Gorillaz 

When looking at everything in the news over the past year, it’s hard not to feel a sense of impending doom. The Gorillaz take that existential dread, especially concerning the topic of climate change, and focus it into this song with an industrial hip-hop sound. Might as well embrace the end of all things as the end of another year approaches with a good song. 

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