“Battle at Garden’s Gate”

By Pat Carbone – 1851 Contributor

Since their debut album “From The Fires’’ was released in 2017, Greta Van Fleet has brought the sounds of classic rock back from the dead to a new generation of fans. However, the band has received significant criticism for sounding too similar to the iconic rock group Led Zeppelin. The critics are not wrong, as the resemblance is uncanny. 

With their newest album, “The Battle at Garden’s Gate,” the band does a nice job at trying to find their sound and separating themselves from their Zeppelin-esk past. This time around, we got a more vibrant, soft rock sound most fans seemed to appreciate. 

This album starts off very strongly with “Heat Above,” which has become one of the band’s biggest hits. This song introduces listeners to the band’s new sound. Followed by “My Way, Soon,” the band still holds on to its roots with a fast-paced, fun song keeping their more hard rock fans interested in their music. 

After the first half of the album is where things start to take a turn. Succeeding the sixth song, “Tears of Rain,” most people seemed to lose interest. Putting it nicely, the reason for this is because the last half wasn’t good. The only saving grace of the latter half was “Light My Love,” which could honestly be the best song on this album. 

Compared to their last album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army,” this album is better because the group is trying to find their sound. If they can keep this sound and have better songs, their next album will be even better than this one.  Rating this album out of 10, it would probably fall around a six. Mainly because the first half was great, and the second half was not even close to good.

The best songs on “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” would most likely be agreed upon as “Heat Above” and “Light My Love.” They both give a great preview of what we can expect to hear from the band in the future while also just being great love ballets.  A few honorable mentions are “My Way, Soon,” “Built By Nations,” and “Tears of Rain.”

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