Coaches Corner: Dieter Treusdell

By Josh Wolmer – 1851 Contributor

Coach Truesdell setting the offense up for their next drill during practice on October 19.  Photo by Josh Wolmer

Dieter Treusdell has stepped in as the new Head Coach for men’s lacrosse after a five-year stint from Bill Mason came to an end in the spring. In those five years, Mason led the men’s lacrosse program to four championship games, and two Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) championship wins, which automatically granted them access to two National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament appearances.  

This past summer, Mason accepted a job at Bowdoin College, leaving the head coaching position open. Treusdell was the beneficiary of this opening. According to the new Coach, he strives to be not only a good coach for his athletes but also to act as their mentor through college.

When asked about what separated Treusdell from the other candidates who applied for the job, Director of Athletics Kristy Walter said, “coach Treusdell’s passion for the game and his enthusiasm to build a program were key factors for the committee in our selection. Also, his values and his strong commitment to being a mentor to young men really stood out to me.”

For all the seniors, it is hard to see someone, especially a longtime head coach, leave your team. Senior captain Tyler Rose has been on the team since he was a first-year and said Mason helped shape him into the player he is today, but he has already begun to learn from his new Head Coach. “The transition with coach Treusdell has been pretty easy, he’s taking all the right strides with gaining each of our trust. You can really tell he cares about the team and the game of lacrosse,” said Rose.  

Although it can be difficult for a coach to adapt so quickly to a team, Treusdell is concentrated mainly on his team’s comradery, not only the gameplay.  “I have been focused on the culture and the product that we are putting on the field. The guys know we are transitioning but I just want them excited about playing for each other,” said the new Head Coach.

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