Kent Cherrington resigns after nearly four years

By Taylor Viles – Print Sports Editor

Cherrington smiles from his office reflecting on the work he’s done with the Athletic Department. Photo by Taylor Viles

In an email to the Athletic Staff on October 24, Director of Athletic Communications Kent Cherrington announced his resignation after almost eight semesters serving the Lasers. 

Hired in January 2018, Cherrington’s responsibilities have included scheduling coordinator, home event coordinator, and athletic communication coordinator. The home event coordinator role has made him a regular face at home games.

According to Cherrington, he has been hired by the Babson Athletic Department to serve in a similar role as he did with Lasell. The main difference? He will be working on a team of three instead of being a  “one man show” as he has become accustomed to during his career. 

Although he will no longer be a Laser, Cherrington is proud of what he accomplished at Lasell. “I cherish my time with the students. That’s what I’m going to miss the most,” he said. “I like having an impact on young people’s lives and hopefully I’ve done that while I’ve been here.”

Cherrington continued to say he took the opportunity at Babson for his career and the betterment of his family and it’s “nothing against” Lasell’s Athletic Department. “I thought I would stay at Lasell for the rest of my career,” he said.

Director of Athletics Kristy Walter said at this time the Athletic Department plans to work with graduate assistants, interns, and event staff to cover the responsibilities Cherrington leaves behind. She says a job posting is being created to fill the position for the spring semester. 

Cherrington’s last day will be on Friday, November 5. 

More information will come in the next issue of the 1851 Chronicle.

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