Late night dining tries their best

By Josh Wolmer1851 Contributor

I think it’s been a rough year for 1851 late-night dining. Last year late-night dining wasn’t offered until later in the year, and you would think that students wouldn’t be complaining as much about the food service for this year. I believe students have no right to complain about 1851, due to the short staffing and the nationwide product shortage.  

Chartwells has been looking for more workers since the beginning of the year. A few employees have left for other career pursuits, leaving holes in the work environment, holes they hoped students would fill. Late-night dining was one of them, and to help lure students in, they raised the payment to $18 per hour. I cannot say it has worked. 

It may not be widely known, but there is a nationwide food product shortage that is also impacting Lasell. There are going to be times where your favorite item is not going to be available. When the problem is outside of Lasell, there should be no reason why students should feel the need to complain about it when there are still other options available.     

Of course the late pickup times could be fixed since getting food at 11 p.m. is not ideal. If the sides are prepped too much ahead of time it can result in food becoming cold too quickly. However, if this does happen to the student, a quick fix could be heating up the food in a microwave. 

In conclusion, late night dining is doing everything it can. The late pickup times may be a bummer but in the end you will still get your food. They are working hard to make everyone happy and in the end the food they prepare will hit the spot. The food shortage is going to be hard to deal with but there is always another option.  

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