SoWa Market: Explore creativity

By Claire Crittendon and Abi Brown – Co-Editor-in-Chief and Arts Editor

Located in the heart of Boston, at 450 Harrison Avenue, is SoWa Art and Design District, which is home to a variety of vendors, galleries, and life. From farmer’s markets to fashion designers to vintage shops, there is something here for everyone.

What was once abandoned South End warehouses has been transformed into a blossoming hub for local creatives. There are currently 29 art galleries open in the SoWa art and design district. Inside the old mills is where you will find the artist’s studios and an antique/thrift section. If you take the rustic metal stairs up to the fourth floor (which is where we recommend you start), you can make your way down through the hallways filled with individual studio spaces. Every room is its own art exhibit in itself, and you may even catch an artist at work. Some personal favorites among these are Jules Place, Carroll & Sons, and the International Poster Gallery. On the bottom floor, you can find SoWa Vintage Market, which is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Sunday. 

Farm stands, food trucks, beer gardens, and art markets line Harrison Avenue from the beginning of May until the end of October. These vendors are mostly smaller local businesses, so this is a great opportunity to support your community. Every week you are guaranteed to see new vendors, as spots can be reserved easily online.

To become a vendor, you must first decide on what type of product you would like to sell. If you are interested in marketing your art, you must fill out an application on SoWa’s website before February 28. The application consists of nine questions, then asks the applicant to select which dates they would like to vend. There is a $40 charge per week if granted a space.

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