Editor’s Corner: Branching out

By Rachel ShepardCopy Editor

Photo courtesy of Rachel Shepard

When I transferred to Lasell in 2019 I had a panic attack in my dorm the day after I moved in. I had an overwhelming fear that I had no idea what I was doing and most importantly, I was alone. 

I had spent the year before waitressing and going to community college, so I thought this would be a breeze because I did fine then. But as I was sitting on my bed, lights off, in the basement of VanWinkle, tea in my hands, on the phone with my brother, I knew this wasn’t how I wanted to spend the next three years.  

I ended up making two decisions that first week that defined the next three years.

The first was going to the 1851 Chronicle meeting after my journalism professor recommended it. This had mixed results at first. I was so painfully nervous that I wouldn’t end up speaking in a Chronicle meeting from September until February. It wasn’t until the spring semester I finally relaxed and started becoming friends with the other staff members. Unfortunately, COVID-19 happened shortly after that.

The second decision I made was talking to a girl who sat next to me in my journalism class who also went to that first Chronicle meeting. We both felt overwhelmed and out of place, but we laughed about the awkwardness of it all on the walk to our dorms. She became the first friend I made on campus, and she ended up being my roommate for the next two years. 

She and the paper offered a way for me to branch out and meet some of the kindest people. While that first year didn’t get easier, it helped me build a foundation for who I wanted to be at Lasell. 

Since then, I’ve written a handful of stories for the paper, just not sports ones. I’ve learned that the best way to do laundry here is to add a handful of scent beads and pray, or just wait for Thanksgiving break. I’ve endured terrible dates while lost in Boston, ordered countless grilled cheeses, and I found my passion for my career.

I still don’t have everything figured out. But I know that if I hadn’t come to Lasell I wouldn’t have grown as a person, and I’m learning to appreciate the uncertainty ahead.

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