Founder’s Day celebration is back on campus

By Spencer Villinski1851 Contributor

The Student Government Association and Student Alumni Association hosts Founder’s Day in the lobby of the Science and Technology Center with President Michael Alexander. Photo by Spencer Villinski

Founder’s Day celebration took place on Friday, November 12 from noon to 1 p.m. in the Science and Technology Center. 

The event is hosted by the Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Alumni Association (SAA). This year, the event featured speakers including President Michael B. Alexander, as well as the presidents of the SGA and Student Alumni Association, junior management and marketing major Michael Woo and junior marketing and entrepreneurship Spencer Fulone.

Woo said the event is a big tradition for the associations each year. 

“It is an annual event that I look forward to each year, as it reminds us of our history starting as a women’s junior college and transforming to the co-educational university we are today,” Woo said. “We continue to move forever forward.”

The proceedings commenced in the lobby of the Science and Technology Center. The usual crop of tables and chairs were pushed towards the back wall of the lobby to make room for two lengthy tables as well as a podium.

On one table, there was a variety of snacks and beverages; the second, complimentary, emblazoned pens and clear mugs, as well as directions to the event’s scavenger hunt. 

Upon first entry was a large banner emblazoned with the SGA’s insignia.

The timing of the event this year was quite intentional, as it was meant to be in conjunction with the RIZE event that took place at 1 p.m. in the Arnow Campus Center. RIZE is an organization whose mission is to give students access to majors that might not be offered by their college.

Fulone, president of the Student Alumni Association said, “[Founder’s Day is] a day to celebrate how far we’ve come as a university since our founding in 1851, starting out as an all-women’s institution to now incorporating cultures and students from all over the world.”

Woo had the following to say, “I am very thankful to the Student Alumni Association for their partnership with the SGA and working with Lasell’s Archives to have some historical items at the event. This event truly demonstrates how we come together to celebrate Lasell’s Founding.”

This year, Lasell celebrated its one hundred seventeenth anniversary, here’s to the next one hundred seventy.

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