Quality is better than quantity

By Casey DiBari1851 Contributor

With finals season coming up, students are gearing up to finish their semesters strong and enjoy the holiday break that follows. Usually around the time of finals students feel stress and anxiety. Final papers are typically weighted pretty heavily, and in some cases can be the difference between a final grade of an A and even a B-. 

The length of a paper depends on what class it is for and the professor who teaches it, but I think it would be fair the average final paper length expected is about eight pages. This usually doesn’t include titles or reference pages. While this might not seem like it’s a lot of work, when a student has two eight page papers, a powerpoint presentation, and a final test between all their classes, it can be overwhelming for them.

It isn’t always easy to hit that page count. There have been times when I think I’ve written a pretty good paper, and overall felt very confident about the quality. Then I look at the page count, and realize that if I send it in as is, I’m going to be under the number of pages expected. So I panicked and added random citations and points that don’t work with the rest of the paper. 

Now, I’m not saying that page minimums should be taken out of final projects, nor do I expect professors to cater a final around what other work a student has due. This isn’t fair to the professor, and they might end up with either a 10 page, rambling mess, or a three page disaster done five minutes before it was due.

All I want to be considered is, if a great paper comes in, formatted correctly, as well as well written and interesting, but it’s maybe a page under the count, don’t deduct that many points off of it. I’m sure students for the most part will still do their best to send their best work at page count in, but it will also be like a small weight off of their shoulders.

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