Staff and faculty members say goodbye

By LJ VP LaFiura & Cam Deniso1851 Contributors

Jenny Granger Sullivan, who used to be the beloved Director of Student Activities. Photo courtesy of Jenny Granger Sullivan

This campus has seen many changes over the years, including to its staff, professors and administrators. This semester has seen the farewell of several prominent staff and faculty members, including Kathleen Potter, Kent Cherrington, Erin Vicente, Jenny Granger Sullivan, Sarah Abbott, and Ester Pearson.

“We have faculty turnover each year. That’s a natural state of business,” said Provost Eric Turner. 

Potter, the former Dean of the School of Fashion, had been a faculty member since the winter of 2019. Before that, she was at Mount Ida College for nearly six years, reaching the role of Fashion Industries Department Chair in September of 2015. After joining the faculty in 2019, Potter spent just over two years as an associate professor before being named Dean of the School of Fashion.

Sophomore fashion media and marketing student Abigail Juknavorian said she enjoyed speaking with Potter, who became her faculty advisor when she transferred in at the beginning of this semester. “She really helped me map out the next two years or so,” said Juknavorian.

Serving as the Director of Athletic Communications, Cherrington announced his resignation on October 24. Cherrington was hired to serve the school in this capacity in the winter of 2018, making it a nearly four-year tenure in the position. He has since joined the Babson College athletic program. In an earlier interview with The 1851 Chronicle, Cherrington said a big factor in his decision to leave was the athletic communications team he has at Babson instead of doing the work alone at Lasell.

Vicente served in the School of Communication and the Arts for 13 years. Starting as a lecturer and ending as a full-time professor, she taught at Lasell for the past 11 years. During this time, she taught numerous students from first-years to seniors. Vicente has now joined the staff at Brandeis University as a Senior Lecturer.

Another longtime faculty member who stepped away was Granger Sullivan. Granger Sullivan began as Assistant Director of Student Activities in 2007 and became the Director of Student Activities and Orientation in February of 2010. She also taught a first-year seminar class as an adjunct starting in September of 2010. Granger Sullivan has taken a new position as Associate Director of Experiential Learning at College of Our Lady of the Elms in Chicopee, Mass.

“Lasell was my first professional gig for almost 15 years. I learned who I was as a professional and gained so many skills,” said Granger Sullivan. “Leaving Lasell was based on my desire to relocate out of the Boston area to be closer to my family and friends.”

Abbott and Pearson were longtime faculty members. Abbot spent 11 years as an associate professor in criminal justice before she left in August. She is now at William James College as the Director for Crisis Response and Behavior Health and an associate professor. Pearson was a member of the mathematics department.

“They were all wonderful additions to our staff,” said Turner. Turner noted the school has made four new hires this semester including two full time communication faculty members. The search is still ongoing to fill the remaining positions.

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