​Kent Cherrington leaves lasting impact

By Nico Manganiello & Zack Laware – 1851 Contributors

Kent Cherrington and senior event staff member Ray Bruno pose for a photo on game day
at Taylor Field. Photo courtesy of Raymond Bruno

Kent Cherrington, Lasell’s Sports Information Director for nearly four years, has resigned from his position to join the Babson Athletic Department.

Upon leaving, Cherrington said he is most proud of his impact on the students, especially the event staff. “I work in a college setting and the number one priority is to help students.” Cherrington hopes students will remember him as someone “who helped them learn the profession.” 

Senior gameday staff member Raymond Bruno said Cherrington showed him the importance of “having multi-talents, so you can do different things,” he said. “He taught me that you can do a lot of things and be valuable,” said Bruno. He also stressed the importance of “having a lot of tools in your tool belt” and praised Cherrington for embodying that at Lasell.

This past fall, Bruno was planning on taking photos and making graphics for the women’s soccer team when Cherrington offered him another assignment, creating highlight videos. “He definitely helped me grow in that aspect of video, which I did not think I was good at,” said Bruno. “He helped guide me in the right direction of doing video at a Division III level.”

Cherrington said it’s the students are what he will miss most about Lasell. “I really enjoy working with them and it makes me feel young.”

Cherrington also mentioned how great it was to watch students grow “from a young freshman to a second semester senior who is ready to go out in the world and kill it.” Although it will not be at Lasell, Cherrington will still get the opportunity to watch students grow as he will serve a similar role at Babson College. 

 The feeling was mutual between Cherrington and Lasell students. They say his impact was special. “He did a great job of putting the gameday staff together and also being a friendly face around Lasell. Everyone in athletics knew who he was because he cared about us and our well-being,” said Bruno. 

Bruno said people who worked with Cherrington agree the now-former Laser was unselfish; putting his students first and helping them grow as individuals to get them prepared for after college. 

Senior communication major Josh Wolmer, who was also an intern for the Athletic Department under Cherrington, echoed Bruno’s thoughts about his former boss. He said Lasell will miss his personality the most. “Everybody loved him. He took a chance to get to know a lot of people and gave them a great environment to work in…he made everyone feel at home.” 

Wolmer believes Cherrington set a high mark for the gameday staff that will be “hard to overcome.” As for Cherrington’s impact on the students, Wolmer called him a “mentor.”

According to Wolmer, Cherrington embraced the Lasell community and everyone in it, as he always had great things to say about his peers. Anyone who watched Cherrington closely could see the dedication and commitment he had to his job. To anyone who knows him, he is noticeably well-organized, comes in prepared every day while always making time for his student workers. 

Lasell Athletic Director Kristy Walter recognized Cherrington’s contributions to the community. “Kent was an asset to the department and to the student-athletes. He was a mentor to the students that worked as event staff and to the students that completed their internships with him. He also took pride in recognizing and promoting the student-athletes.”

Last year, Cherrington was inducted into the College Sports Information Directors of America Hall of Fame to thank him for his 32 years of service at Plymouth State, Miami University, and Lasell.

As the above students have said, Cherrington was someone who was constantly looked up to by the students and impacted the community. The Laser community will always be grateful to Cherrington for all his contributions and his years here.

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