“Lasell has a gallery?”

By Abi Brown & Rachel Shepard – Arts Editor & Copy Editor

The second floor of the Wedeman Gallery, located in The Yamawaki Cultural Center. Photos by Rachel Shepard

The Wedeman Art Gallery is located on the first floor of Yamawaki, but is often overlooked. 

When people come to Boston looking for attractions such as museums, they typically drift to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) or the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). However, there are plenty of opportunities for student artists and art lovers alike to get involved with their local art community at Lasell. 

Director of the Wedeman Gallery Vladimir Zimakov said,  “A lot of colleges and universities in the area, their galleries have limited space… we’re quite fortunate.”

According to Zimakov, the Wedeman Gallery was established to support the educational extracurricular programs at Lasell University and Lasell Village. The gallery was founded in 2002 and is dedicated to Harriet and Duane Wedeman, who were known for their unwavering support for the Lasell community. Harriet has since moved to Hawaii but still remains in touch with Zimakov. 

Junior Fashion merchandising major Jade Diaz, and Sophomore graphic design major Camille Wright and Junior graphic design major Aliyk Krauss are in charge of monitoring the gallery, working on Instagram posts, and installing shows and reception events.

“Beliefs” is the next exhibition and will run from March 2 through 26, 2022. The show will be curated by Associate Professor of Art and Graphic Design Stephen Fischer. 

Another upcoming Lasell showcase will be partially curated by Professor and Curator of the Lasell Fashion Collection Jill Carey. Carey has worked closely with Zimakov in the past to curate multiple art exhibitions and spoke highly of their work dynamic. 

“The thing about . . . Zimakov is that working in galleries can be intimidating. He takes that away completely and actually makes it an absolute pleasure. The students will learn so much from him, and I learn so much, and that’s what we care about,” said Carey.

Carey will be working with her FASH420 Collection Research and Management class in the beginning of the Spring semester to curate her April 6 through 16, 2022 exhibition, “It’s Gone to Your Head.”

The exhibition has been in a work in progress for two years and will feature over 250 hats. The hats will be digitized in the Lasell website and online catalog for anyone to access, as well as in-person at the Wedeman Gallery. The opening reception will be on April 7.

Members of the Lasell community can submit their work to Zimakov and be potentially featured in the Wedeman Art Gallery. He stated, “Folks submit their proposals and I review it with my colleagues, then we decide which shows would work best in our space.”

Carey concluded by mentioning how grateful she was to have the gallery on campus. “Art is a universal language, and anything creative can bring us together. So I feel that the Wedeman Gallery is a celebration of this, and it’s for all of us to enjoy.”

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