No need to go Sofar for new Sounds

By Rebecca Osowski – Features Editor

Downtown Boston, where Sofar has hosted shows. Photo by Rebecca Osowski

Are you looking to discover your next favorite musical act? Or looking to experience an unknown aspect of Boston’s nightlife? Sofar Sounds has you covered.

Sofar Sounds is an organization that creates small performances in unique locations with up-and-coming local artists. These performances can be anywhere from a subway station, to an art gallery, to a rooftop bar. Performances are held in 325 cities around the world including Boston, Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, London, Oslo, Toronto and much more. Sofar Sounds’ goal is to bring back the magic and excitement of live events. They bring people together in unique and welcoming spaces with an extra surprise.

When a guest buys their ticket to a show, they have no idea who the artists are that will be performing, and they have a vague idea of where the show will be held. When purchasing a ticket, you have a rough idea of where the show will be, for example Back Bay or Jamaica Plain, but have no idea the actual venue. One day before the show, the guest will receive an email with details on the venue. The guests have no idea who the performers are until they take the stage. Most shows feature three artists with no explicit headliner.

According to their website, they “transform everyday spaces… and turn them into captivating, intimate venues for secret, live music performances creating an immersive experience that brings guests and artists closer together.”Ticket prices sold ahead of showtime range in price from $10 to $30 depending on the region of the event and the type of show. Sofar Sounds emphasizes the organizations’ drive to bring their guests diverse acts in unusual venues all while creating and maintaining an inclusive community.

Not only does Sofar Sounds offer in person shows, but they also offer email lists to help their guests stay updated and never miss a show in their city, exclusive YouTube performances, called the Listening Room, and virtual shows brought right to their home. These options are available to provide guests with intimate performances from artists around the world, even if COVID-19 is still impacting live performances in their city.

In addition to bringing interesting live performances to a specific city, Sofar Sounds prides themselves on introducing big artists and being a part of their stories. Sofar Sounds has helped Billie Eilish, Leon Bridges, and more enter the music scene.

For more information, you can visit their website or visit their Instagram page, @sofarsounds, or Sofar Sounds’ Boston page, @sofarboston. 

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