Thanksgiving gratitude is back on campus

By Izzy Woods & Bailey Klingaman1851 Contributor & Digital Editor

Filmed by Izzy Woods & Bailey Klingaman, Edited by Bailey Klingaman

This holiday season, there is a lot to be thankful for: seeing family, friends, and traditions being able to resume in a safe manner since COVID-19. Through numerous events on campus and interviews with the community, it is clear the university is full of gratitude.

On November 18, three Forest resident assistants: junior management and marketing major and SGA President Michael Woo, senior elementary education major and SGA Treasurer Melaney Jenkins, and senior Jyaito Freeman hosted a Forest Giving event in Forest Hall. According to Woo, “The goal of the event was to have residents in Forest share what they are thankful for and to check-in on how the semester is going.”

Forest resident assistants senior Jyaito Freeman (left), junior Michael Woo (center), and senior Melaney Jenkins pose for a photo while baking cookies for the Forest Giving attendees. Photo by Josh Wolmer

Woo mentioned he was most thankful for the people surrounding him on campus. “It is amazing to be around people again, to reconnect and rekindle friendships,” Woo says.

Woo’s gratitude for being back at Lasell is shared by junior graphic design major Ciarra Chasse. “I’m thankful for being back in school and actually getting to hang out with friends in person and experiencing life,” says Chasse.

While back on campus, Assistant Professor of Fashion Kristin Kinsky is thankful for the university as a whole. “I am super thankful that Lasell University supports faculty and students in exploring their interests all over campus in a million different ways,” says Kinsky.

For Lasell Villager Sushi Gawande, she is most thankful for the dedicated workers. She wants the workers to know all the little things that they do add up to make the villagers’ lives better each day. “They take care of us so willingly with a big smile,” says Gawande. 

She also emphasized her gratitude for Anne Doyle, president of Lasell Village. “The force behind this is Anne Doyle, who sets the tone. She is always looking after us and what is good for us.”

After months of quarantine, online classes, and virtual gatherings, first-year fashion media and merchandising major Mikayla Bokis is thankful to be on campus and to see loved ones for the holidays. “I’m thankful for my roommate and all that Lasell has offered me, and…to be able to go home and spend time with my family,” Bokis says.

Provost Eric Turner is not only grateful for his health and loved ones, but also to be alive. “I’m thankful for good health…and frankly just the good fortune of living at this time and in this country and in this world.”

The gratitude extends beyond campus. On November 18, Valentine Dining Hall hosted a ThankFUL celebration with traditional Thanksgiving dishes and a gratitude wall. According to the email sent by AVP for Administration and Operations Diane Parker promoting the event, ThankFUL is a nationwide event to give thanks at college campuses across the country.

In a video to the community sent on November 22, President Michael B. Alexander emphasized his gratitude for having the community back on campus; the students, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to the community; the villagers who have served as leaders of COVID-19 safety and vaccinations; and alumni who represent the university.

“Clearly I’m thankful for many things, but what I’m truly filled with is an immense appreciation and gratitude for this community I am so blessed to be a part of,” says Alexander.

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