The Drama Club presents: Playlist

By Rebecca Osowski – Features Editor

Coming off of “RENT,” director and alum Jamie Imperato (‘15) wanted to keep theater alive during the spring semester. With lower audition numbers for the spring play than expected, Imperato decided to focus all her energy on the original Spring Cabaret “Playlist.”

“Playlist,” according to Imperato, is “a mix of Back to the Future with the Rock’s Jumanji,” where a group of kids are sent back in time to their parent’s senior year of high school. To return to present day, they must beat their parents in the talent show, a memory their parents still talk about. The children debate letting their parents win but realize the win could have changed their parents’ lives, therefore impacting their own.

Imperato and her husband Bobby, who will co-direct “Playlist,” came up with the idea and reached out to local playwright Kevin Michael Morin to piece it together.

This cabaret is different from any play or musical done by the club in the past. “None of it’s going to be musical theater,” Imperato said. “It’s going to be all period songs of the early 2000s [and] 90s.” Music from the 80s will also be featured.

Cabarets offer a less strict audition process. “The cabaret has always been a sense of if you want to be in it, then we’ll have a part for you in it,” Imperato said. “The cabaret is always a chance for people to grow as performers to maybe get opportunities that they didn’t get in previous shows.”

Cast members will work one-on-one with a vocal coach and one-on-one with Imperato, creating more of a workshop experience than they would get with traditional plays or musicals.  

Junior fashion design and production major Cassidy Phillips and sophomore radio and video production major Jennifer Frechette, who both performed in “RENT,” will also be featured in the upcoming production of “Playlist.”

“I’m really excited…we get to have it in person,” Phillips said. “I think it is going to be kind of fun to incorporate real pop [and] rock music in with kind of a play dynamic. I think it will be an interesting combination.”

Frechette is also excited to see how the two ideas come together and experience the music. “It’s got songs from my childhood and before then… I’m so excited to sing some of the songs because some of them are so good and I’m pumped to hear them all,” Frechette said.

In addition to undergraduates, the Cabaret was opened to Regis students. 

“Both schools are clubs, so for them being able to come over on this is great. They weren’t allowed to audition for the play just because that’s strictly Lasell students only but being able to extend it to people who just want to perform, that’s kind of the goal,” Imperato said.

“I’m really excited to see everyone from Regis again but also just to finally have some sense of normalcy,” Phillips said.

Frechette, while excited to see Regis students, just hopes to continue her time with the drama club. “It is so much fun and you get to build this amazing community,” Frechette said.

Playlist will be performed on April 8 and April 9 in Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center.

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