Brady says goodbye, New Englanders react

By Kaie Quigley – Co-Editor-in-Chief

On February 1, Tom Brady officially retired from the game of football after 22 seasons at the age of 44. As a member of the Patriots for two decades, Brady has had a pronounced impact on the Boston area, and New England as a whole.

“My favorite Brady moment was when I went to Cleveland to see him return from his suspension for Deflategate. It was such a special moment seeing him get back on the field,” said fall 2021 graduate Olivia Faulkner of New Hampshire. “I have been a Patriots fan my entire life and we have had season tickets since 2007. Having Brady lead the Patriots formed my entire childhood, I was proud of the team that I was cheering for.”

Patriots fan or not, Brady has left his mark on the game, and this community. Sophomore Cam Ames, who is originally from New York, and a Giants fan, believes Brady is the greatest of all time despite being a rival fan.

“My favorite Brady moment has to be the comeback in the Super Bowl against Matt Ryan and the Falcons. I think that really cemented him as the greatest player ever,” said Ames.

One of the main reasons Brady gave for his retirement for the game was his want to spend more time with his family.

“I am happy that he is able to retire to be with his family. I hope that he stays involved in the football world and still is able to have a good relationship with his family,” said Faulkner. “I personally cannot wait to go to Canton to see him get inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and I will also be there when he gets inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame.”

Ames said, “It stinks he’s retired now but that’s just me being a selfish sports fan that wants to see more greatness. I understand he has a family he needs and wants to be there for and he is getting older.”

Brady finishes his illustrious career with seven super bowl rings, more than any franchise alone. He also finishes with the most winning record (243-73), pass completions (7,263), passing yards (84,520), and touchdown passes (624) of all time.

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