Meet Trevor Wenners: New SID

By LJ VP LaFiura – 1851 Contributor

Trevor Wenners proudly poses on the basketball court at his new job. Photo by LJ VP LaFiura

The athletic department found its next Director of Athletic Communications last month in Trevor Wenners.

Wenners replaced former Director of Athletic Communications, Kent Cherrington. In late October, Cherrington left to pursue a similar job at Babson College. Athletic Director Kristy Walter and the Lasers found Wenners during a hiring process that lasted until mid-December. After multiple phone interviews, two finalists were found.

“He will fill most of Kent’s roles,” said Walter. “He’s responsible for the event management, scheduling, and all the website and sports information stuff.”

A Nashua, New Hampshire native, Wenners did his undergraduate studies at Northeastern University, majoring in journalism. He spent time in various roles with Merrimack College, Tufts University, and Wesleyan University before moving to Georgia to take a job as the Assistant Director of Sports Information at LaGrange College.

“I really felt like I was ready to take the next step in my journey and move from an assistant director position to a director of athletic communications position,” said Wenners on deciding to come to Lasell. “I was also interested in moving back to the New England area.”

The journalism background, as Walter explained, was one of the things that stood out about Wenners during the hiring process. In addition to his work at several schools in the region, Wenners served as a freelance writer in parts of New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts during his college years and his time working in the northeast.

“I’m a very detail-oriented writer, and I really like to be an in-depth writer too,” said Wenners. “When I’m telling the stories of what’s going on in the sports, I’m not just going by the statistics from the games, I’m really telling the bigger picture.”

The writing focus that Wenners brings to the role creates an opportunity to explore student-athletes outside of their respective athletic arenas. The athletic department intends to begin moving forward with more “human interest” features on the athletics website as Wenners warms up in the role. “We’re excited to identify some people that we can do that with,” said Walter.

The majority of Wenners’ first few weeks on campus have focused on learning the area, the role, and the athletic department. So far, Walter has been pleased with how Wenners has acclimated to the position in which his predecessor, Cherrington, spent the past four years.

“He’s very dedicated to doing a good job and working with the student-athletes,” Walter said about Wenners. “I can see him growing into the position more as he gets to know more of the people here and how we do things.”

Under Wenners are two graduate assistants, Stephen Kemp and Janard Jones, and the student event staff. In his second year in the position, Kemp focuses mainly on athletic communications tasks, while Jones, in his first year, works more with social media. Despite how brief Wenners has been in the role, he has already established a good working relationship with his graduate assistants as he tries to understand their capabilities better.

“We’ve been communicating pretty regularly to make sure that things get done,” said Kemp. “I think as the year progresses, he’ll be a little more hands-off and will work a little bit more freely. I think he’s just trying to figure out what works best right now. And obviously, that’s going to take a little bit of time.”

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