Senior Melaney Jenkins makes her mark 

By Kait Bedell News Editor

Senior Melaney Jenkins holds the position of Vice President of Student Government Association. Photo courtesy of Melaney Jenkins

Senior elementary education major Melaney Jenkins has one semester left as a Laser, but her impact will be everlasting. 

Jenkins has been the Vice President of Student Government Association (SGA) for the past two years, a Resident Assistant, a Class Committee member, a part of Tomorrow’s Teachers, and works in the Admissions Office as a Blue Key Society Ambassador. In addition to her work on campus, Jenkins is also working full-time as a student-teacher. 

While Jenkins likes to keep busy, she said her involvement in so many activities on campus is mostly because she wants to make Lasell a “better place for people.” 

As she has found new ways to try to make the community around her better, Jenkins said she has met people along the way who have improved her own life.

 “[I’ve met] some lifelong friends,” Jenkins said. “I was shocked to meet people that I would have never expected or thought that I would become friends with and now they’re some of my closest friends.” 

Jenkins plays a large role in her community, but said the biggest challenge she faces is finding time for herself. Between her full-time student teaching, meetings, schoolwork, and being a normal college student, Jenkins said it can sometimes be hard to balance everything. 

Although the days can be long, Jenkins said she “wouldn’t trade her experiences for the world.” 

Junior management and marketing major and SGA President Michael Woo, who has worked with Jenkins for the past two years said Jenkins balances all of her activities in a way that allows her to form deep connections with those around her.

“She’s a golden example of what being a student leader is all about,” Woo said. “It’s about being able to not only do well academically and do well in co-curricular activities, but really to be able to connect with other students and have a fun college experience.” 

Woo said Jenkins is a “bubbly, down-to-earth person” who is assertive in professional situations and is genuine. 

“It’s hard to find someone who has this level of commitment and level of dedication that she has and have the passion to do all that she does well,” Woo said. “She’s a really unique person and someone that I’m really lucky that I got to work with and maintain a solid friendship with.”

Senior Blue Key Society Ambassador and creative advertising major Sophia Gadsden has worked with Jenkins and admires her dedication to the community. 

“I feel like the legacy Mel will leave behind at Lasell will be her work ethic,” Gadsden said. “She has always been really involved here at Lasell and always knows how to bring involvement to students.”

Jenkins said she hopes to continue to form relationships in her future endeavors similar to the ones she made at Lasell. 

Although she doesn’t know what she wants to get involved in yet, Jenkins said she hopes to keep busy as a teacher and get involved the same way she did at Lasell. 

“We’ll see what happens,” Jenkins said. “I never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, a new door could open, and I could run down that path and leave behind everything else.”

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