Senior week is weak 

By Claire Crittendon – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Lawn on … Arnow? Casino night … in Arnow? As the class of 2022 begins to close out their undergraduate careers, I believe the heavily anticipated senior week is in desperate need of reconfiguration – for many reasons.

First, aside from the generally underwhelming itinerary, if a senior is under 21 years old, four out of the eight events are completely inaccessible. Casino Night, a trip to Tavern in the Square, the beer garden, and senior formal all require 21+ government IDs. Lasell prides itself on its three-year track options, yet leaves these students and others who skipped grades in the dust.

Second, many events revolve around alcohol and gambling, students struggling with or early in their sobriety, are alienated from their peers. Drinking is an incredibly personal choice, and while students obviously aren’t in any way required to consume alcohol, handing out drink tickets to an age group infamous for its drinking issues is tone-deaf at best. Students should not be forced to choose between their sobriety and their community.

Third, while all seniors will be refunded their $333 if COVID-19 restrictions ravage plans, immunocompromised students aren’t going to feel safe gathering in bars or an over-crowded second floor of Arnow. All of these events have food and drinks available, masks are inevitably going to come off. We don’t need a super spreader immediately before we cross Taylor Field.

Senior week has been a well-loved tradition for years, and I’m not suggesting its abolition. It’s a wonderful time for seniors to spend their last few moments as an undergraduate making core memories with their peers and professors; it just needs to be made accessible to all.

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