Students connect with Lasell Villagers in career panel

By Kait Bedell – News Editor

Lasell Village panelists open up a discussion about various career paths in the Lasell Village Dining Hall. Photo by Kait Bedell

Lasell saw its first Village Career Panel on February 11 in the Village Dining Hall. The event was run by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Alumni Association (SAA), which brought together Lasell students and villagers for an open discussion about different career paths.  

According to SAA President and Junior marketing and entrepreneurship major Spencer Fulone, the two clubs had talked about organizing an event like this in the last few weeks of the fall semester, then began the planning stages of contacting the village to organize the event.  

Fulone said he was happy with the event and thought things came together well. 

Fulone said the two clubs have shifted their focus to intergenerational learning as Lasell offers a “unique” opportunity to approach learning.  

“I think some people definitely got a lot out of it,” Fulone said. “Not just myself, but I think a lot of our members of SGA got a lot out of it and really enjoyed the experience as well.”  

In addition to the students, Fulone said he thinks the villagers also enjoyed the event.  

“I feel like they’re always really anxious to get involved with our community on campus and try to help out the student body as much as they can, so I think they enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed it,” Fulone said. 

The event featured an hour-long panelist discussion with four speakers from the village representing various career paths. This discussion was followed by an hour of breakout tables where students could talk one-on-one with retired members of different fields.  

“I think the conversations themselves were just really rewarding,” Fulone said.  

Junior Celeste Hunter-Pines said she also enjoyed putting together the event and was happy with the results.  

Hunter-Pines said she was happy to be able to bring together students with villagers in person particularly after everything being digitized due to the pandemic in recent years.  

“The levels of conversation were just so different, and you can just tell that people really enjoyed interacting with each other, especially people from different generations and time eras,” she said.  

Hunter-Pines said it was a really good “community moment” and that they hope to continue to better the experience in the future.  

“I think really our goal is always improvement, especially with SGA, and just really curating the student experience and then making it better,” Hunter-Pines said.  

Hunter-Pines said the event had a good turnout for it being the first time the event was held.

“We did get a lot of positive feedback, especially from the villagers, and they just loved having the students come,” Hunter-Pines said. “So, I think our goal of the event was accomplished.” 

After seeing how well the career panel went, Hunter-Pines said that the two clubs do hope to hold more events that bring the students and villagers together more often.  

Some ideas that are currently in the brainstorming stages include a gardening event or an “adopt a grandparent” event.  

“I highly encourage students to not even just attend these types of events to visit villagers, but also to just go out on their own and meet them because pretty much all of them would love to speak with the students and just have a connection even outside of academics,” Hunter-Pines said.

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