Study Abroad available for Lasers again

By Claire Crittendon & Owen Kwet – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Contributor

At 2 p.m. on February 2, The Office of Study Abroad hosted the annual study abroad fair for prospective students. Held over Zoom in place of the typical de Witt Hall, the event lasted 45 minutes and gathered around 40 attendees.

According to Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs David Hennessey, representatives from over 20 countries were present. Break-out rooms were offered for students wanting to learn more about specific programs.

“A nice thing is, our partner program in Paris, Paris American Academy, was able to attend, and they never come to our city abroad fairs in person because it’s just too much to fly to get here,” Director of International Student Services Maria Adkins said. “So it was nice to have them there despite the time difference.”

Among the attendees were representatives from London College of Fashion, a frequented destination for School of Fashion students at Lasell.

Information about additional programs were provided. Semester in the City, The Disney College Program, and the Washington D.C. exchange programs are all currently back and running. Semester in the City and the Washington D.C. program are both linked to full time internship opportunities. DC is specifically recommended for communication majors.

Alumna Emily Long (‘20) completed a semester in the nation’s capital her spring semester junior year, while interning under Congressman John Katko.

Additionally, Adkins said in an interview in February that she thinks there is a loophole in the terms and conditions of the school’s current state of study abroad. 

Adkins said students can take a leave of absence at Lasell, enroll at another university, and transfer their credits to Lasell.

“It’s not something that I advertise, but it’s an optional channel, kind of just to let people know about it,” Adkins said.

There are still programs being offered, but some countries still have strict COVID-19 policies for study abroad participants. Adkins said that Australia, Japan, and South Korea are countries that have students quarantine for one or two weeks once arriving, and require vaccinations.

 “…I think students are super excited that study abroad is back,” Adkins said. “A lot of people were very disappointed they wouldn’t be able to study abroad for the last two years. We’ve been very busy seeing students every day. Some of the more popular programs are in Florence, London, and Switzerland, as well as Semester in the City in Boston, or the Washington Semester.”

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