Transferring to Lasell

By Abi Brown – Arts Editor

My journey getting to Lasell was a relatively long and very emotional one. Like many other transfer students, the fear of “am I making the right decision?” lingered. I was unsure if the safety of a big state school as a business major would be worth it if I was unable to do what I truly find interesting, which is fashion. In the end, transferring to Lasell was the best thing I could have done for myself.

It is easy to be quick to judge Lasell given its size and a comparatively small budget to UMass Boston, where I transferred out of. However there was a massive difference between the two schools, besides my major choice, that really verified I made a good decision.

It is quite easy to go under the radar at a big school. Everything from meeting with your advisor, to making new friends, to figuring out what your resources are becomes more challenging when there are over 15,000 other students they need to take care of. It creates this feeling like you have been forgotten. 

When I finally transferred to Lasell after my freshman year, I moved in with my best friend who took a gap year. She had gone to the University of New Hampshire for about two weeks and decided it wasn’t for her, thus creating an opportunity to work until the next year. As we entered our first year at Lasell, we were both amazed by the stark differences between the state schools we attended and Lasell. Here we felt heard, we knew we could easily get involved on campus, the smaller classes encouraged us to participate more, and overall we felt comfortable in our new community.

Transferring was a fantastic decision, it was still not an easy one. With transferring came dealing with transferring credits and settling into a new environment. I will unfortunately have to graduate a semester late because not everything transferred. There sure are some downsides to being a transfer student, however I was able to study something I am passionate about and figure out a way to make it feasible. 

For this, I will always be grateful for Lasell as it reminds me I could be in an unfitting environment, doing something I find mediocre. Transferring is not easy, but it can be worth every ounce of effort.

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