Where did syllabus week go? 

By Alexandra White – 1851 Contributor  

At the start of every semester, students expect their first week of classes will be syllabus week. Syllabus week is an entire week of school where professors will go over the course’s policies, what to expect, deadlines, etc. However, since the start of the pandemic, I have noticed the majority of my classes start teaching on the first day. In some of my classes, professors haven’t even posted a syllabus on Canvas. 

Getting to know courses before starting through reviewing syllabi allows me to plan out the semester by looking at the deadlines and buying the textbook before we start learning. I think syllabus week is the best week of the semester. I find it hard to go straight into learning when I don’t even know anything about the class besides what time I’m supposed to be there. 

Without going over or even having a syllabus in some cases like my COM306 Broadcast Journalism class, students don’t know the class policies such as grading and attendance. Coming back to school after a break is tough and syllabus week makes transitioning into a new semester easier because you get to participate in the class and have the opportunity to get comfortable before beginning the workload. 

I understand professors may think it’s a waste of class time to go over the syllabus, and some just want to jump straight into teaching. Going over the syllabus for every class can be tedious for professors, but wouldn’t they want students to know what to expect in the course before they teach? 

Overall, I just want syllabus week to come back. I miss starting my semester by hearing about my professor’s career, getting to know other students, and understanding the course before having to understand the material.

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