Alumni reconnect with Lasell during career panel  

By Kait Bedell – News Editor

Lasell Alumni speak to current students during the career panel. Photo by Bailey Klingaman

Lasell Alumni from the communication and graphic design departments returned to campus to reconnect with the Lasell community during the March 8 alumni panel.  

 Students in the School of Communication and the Arts were invited to attend the panel where speakers working in graphic design, videography, broadcast journalism and others discussed their experiences in the workforce. 

 Jared Giurleo (‘21), a radio and video production major alum, was among one of the panelists who spoke to students.  

 Giurleo said Lasell’s small class sizes offer a unique opportunity to build strong connections with professors which is helpful in networking for their future careers.  

 Giurleo said that “connections are great” because it’s “nice” to have people working together to help each other out. 

 In addition to the connections he built while attending Lasell, Giurleo said to the students at the panel that getting involved on campus has also helped him in his life after college.  

 “I got to learn hands on how to use the radio station, conduct a TV studio and that sort of thing so those skills were very valuable,” Giurleo said. “Even if you’re not a part of the major, just learning new skills and having something that you’re passionate about is really important especially once you’re out of college,” he said.  

 Giurleo said a lot of the questions from students centered around how they can make connections for the future. He said that he strongly advocated the use of tools such as LinkedIn to get a head start on networking skills.  

 “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” Giurleo said. 

 Sophomore communications major Lisa Ortiz said the event had a lot of alumni from both recent years and further in the past which she enjoyed.  

 “It was interesting to see where life led them and it was nice to see how many of them were happy with their academic and career achievements,” Ortiz said.  

 Ortiz said she got a lot out of the event and that she received a lot of contact information from the speakers that she thinks will help her search for internship opportunities. 

 “I think I got a new perspective on how I want to approach my future,” Ortiz said. “It helped show me that everything I’m doing and feeling right now is valid. It was definitely the assurance I needed.”

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