Lasell student interns for Red Sox photographers

By Kait Bedell – News Editor

When it comes to finding a resume-building internship, sophomore Matt Johnson said the best thing to do is take initiative. 

Johnson is a video production major who secured an internship working for senior photographers of the Red Sox, Billy Wise and Adam Glanswood. The two photographers kickstarted a company called Bold Creator Group which does projects such as apparel for the Charles River, Under Armour, Body Armour, Nike and more. 

Johnson played hockey and baseball in high school but decided not to continue an athletic career in college. With the new time available, not playing sports for the first time in his life, he said he wanted to fill his time with an internship that would better his career. 

When Johnson found out about Wise and Glanswood’s company, he decided to reach out to them on a whim. 

During his year and a half with the company, Johnson said he has already learned a lot about the field which he said will help him in the future. Most of his work as an assistant is spent helping hold up lighting, setting up photoshoots, and cleaning up sets for the photographers. 

“It’ll definitely help a lot because I’ve met a lot of people through it,” Johnson said. “Even if it doesn’t work out with them I definitely have a lot of connections now to branch out to and see what else is available.” Johnson said that in addition to all the connections he has made, he also has learned a lot about working in a professional setting. 

The most important thing Johnson learned working on high-profile projects was just to be “comfortable.” He said, “if you’re doing a photo shoot and you don’t look comfortable around the equipment and what you’re doing, then your clients aren’t gonna think that this is the best option for them.” 

Johnson encourages students looking for an internship to just take the initiative. 

“What’s the worst that could happen?” Johnson said. “I thought they were gonna say no, but then they ended up saying ‘Yeah we can bring you on board,’ so anything can happen.” 

Students at Lasell who are looking for an internship have the opportunity to take the pre-internship course and reach out to the Career Center for more guidance.

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