Men’s Lacrosse hopeful for continued success

By Rebecca Osowski – Features Editor

The Men’s Lacrosse team has made it to the Great Northeastern Athletic Conference (GNAC) tournament every year since 2011, excluding the 2020 season that was canceled due to COVID-19. Coming off a GNAC Championship, a National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament appearance, and playing under new head coach Dieter Treusdell, the Lasers hope to continue their success and take home another championship.

Despite a slow start, the Lasers have battled back, compiling five straight wins and moving to 5-5 on the season and 4-0 in GNAC play. 

Senior goaltender Alex Beauchemin believes the adversity faced at the beginning of the season will only make the team stronger.

“No one likes losing, and that can be really tough, especially when it doesn’t go our way the first few games. I think just being able to stick together, not getting down on each other and be able to fight through that and turn it around is important for us,” Beauchemin said.

Director of Athletics Kristy Walter has watched the team develop into who they are today, and despite what happens on the field, is proud of their character.

“It’s fun to kind of see it develop from starting the program… We’ve kind of really changed the culture. They’re visible on campus. They’re hard working. They do a lot of stuff with community service, Title IX, and white ribbon, and that’s been their thing. I like them having that kind of reputation on campus,” Walter said.

Walter also encourages success in other ways, by creating a positive environment for prospective students, current athletes, and alums. “Not everybody’s going to win a championship every year, but we define success in other ways: in terms of having a good competitive team, having a good experience, being good ambassadors on campus, being respectful on the field, recruiting, retaining, and having alumni development,” Walter said.

First-year attack Ryan Stone joined the Lasers not only because of their success, but because of the community that surrounded the program.

“When I was going through the recruiting process… one of the biggest things for me was what other students and alums were saying about the school and the team,” Stone said. “The best part of this year has really been the group of guys. It’s really what keeps me coming back to practice with a smile.”

Coach Treusdell also chose Lasell because of their reputation and character. “I just saw this school had everything, had the potential, obviously has a long-standing tradition right now to continue to bring in high-character guys,” Treusdell said. “They work really hard, and they love each other. It’s a family atmosphere.”

Beauchemin, who holds the all-time career win record (31 wins), also praises his team for being there for him and allowing him to succeed.

“There is a lot of people on the field… and to be able to do the best I can knowing that everyone is there to help me out and do the best they can, it’s a full team effort,” Beauchemin said. “Personal accolades are great, and it is something I am very lucky to be able to accomplish, but at the end of the day, I really want to be doing something we can win as a team.”

In addition to their teammates, both Stone and Beauchemin applaud Treusdell for his work on and off the field.

“He’s our leader and our coach first but he is a guy I like to talk to, he’s a friend on campus,” Stone said.

Beauchemin echoed, saying, “He’s a guy the team wants to play hard for and play in front of, someone we trust. I think he trusts us as much as we trust him and that’s been very helpful.”

While the goal is another GNAC Championship, Treusdell is encouraging his players to enjoy the moment. “We want to be confident, play with confidence, but we want to just prepare for each game and not get ahead of ourselves,” Treusdell said. “You only get to play so many games here. So just enjoy every moment that you’re out here.”

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