Springtime study spots 

By Holly Feola & Hanna Babek – Opinion Editor & 1851 Contributor

As the warm weather makes its returns, the campus welcomes it with open arms. The dreary winter scene dissipated and now is replaced with a sunny, lively spring one. Students can finally get out of their stuffy rooms and the library to study outside and take in the beautiful weather as nature comes back to life. Here are plenty of places around campus to take in fresh air to study or to chill with friends: 

Outside of the STC

Photo by Hanna Babek

In front of the STC is a small patch of grass with a stone wall bench. Though often overlooked, it can be a nice area to study. Feel free to bring a towel or blanket to lay on the grass for more comfort. The blue adirondack chairs to the left of the STC are perfect for students to sit back and enjoy watching a game on Taylor Field while studying. 

East/West Quad 

If you live in McClelland, East, West, or Van Winkle, the East/West Quad is a convenient area to study just outside your dorm. The quad has white adirondack chairs and stone benches to sit on, however, the patches of grass are great if you have a blanket. 

Tables outside of the library

Photo by Hanna Babek

The library is one of the most common places to study, but don’t forget about the tables located outside of it. This is a great location if you enjoy going in and out of the library to read books or prefer to be close to a printer. 

Flag pole and peace pole

If you enjoy sitting on the quad but are looking for a change of scenery, you might want to study near the flagpole and peace pole, located in front of deWitt Hall. Conveniently close to the library, you can go inside to print or find a book without having to relocate your study session. 

Arnow Campus Center

Photo by Hanna Babek

If you want to spend some time indoors, the downstairs level of Arnow Campus Center has plenty of tables and chairs to sit at. If you’re hungry or looking for a break, The 1851 Grill is just across from your study space and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Arnow Quad

Photo by Hanna Babek

Located next to Arnow Campus Center, the Arnow Quad is the perfect place to study if you’re looking for a grassy area to bring a blanket and study. If you want to escape the sun, the trees in front of Donahue provide some shade, and the tables and chairs beneath them are helpful when your study session requires books or a computer. Plus 1851 market is close by if you need a snack or drink.  

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