Take 3 & Boomer’s Grill

By Kaie Quigley & Mike Maruk – Co-Editor-in-Chief & Art Director

As students were getting ready for a long-awaited spring vacation, Dining Services were gearing up for an interesting change to their dining options. On February 24, Diane Parker sent out an email to the student body regarding dining options on campus. 

Inside, was a link to a Google form with a list of questions about food satisfaction, dietary requirements, and more. Also included were questions about 1851 Late-Night, Take 3, and Boomer’s Grill.

The answers received from students resulted in the return of Boomer’s Grill as the primary late-night option, as well as a relocation for the option of Take 3 from the Glow Lounge to the lobby of the Science and Technology Center, according to Diane Parker.

This was a big surprise to many, as they never saw the survey sent in the email prior to leaving for spring break, or didn’t understand that it would cause such a massive change. However, in the defense of Dining Services, the majority of the surveys sent out in the past have been more about food satisfaction rather than food location, which may have contributed to confusion over the email. 

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