April showers bring Spring Open House

By LJ VP LaFiura & Owen Kwet – 1851 Contributors

The office of Lasell Admissions hosted an open house on April 9, allowing prospective students to see the campus and its academic programs.

”We had a bigger turnout than even we were expecting,” said the Assistant Director of Admission Olivia Addington. “Everyone seemed really happy with it. And we always get reviews from families throughout the day. All the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. That’s honestly all that we could ask for.”

170 guests, including 73 prospective students attended, according to Senior Associate Director of Admissions Emily Stanley. While there were some high school seniors and potential transfer students, the majority were high school juniors.

Check-in for the event began at 12:30 p.m. before the welcome at 1 p.m.. The group was then split in half, one to go on tours and the other to sit for panels on admissions and financial aid among others. The groups then swapped places before an academic program fair at 3 p.m.

(L-R Senior Jossie Santiago, junior Spencer Fulone, junior Emily Casella, senior Madison Whiteley present at the current student panel. Photo by Joe Giacco

“It’s geared toward prospective students, so people who haven’t been admitted yet,” said Stanley. “This is truly a lot of people’s first taste of Lasell, whereas Laser Days and Lasell Day might be the first time the student’s visited campus but most of the time not.”

Due to COVID-19 and its related precautions, the 2021-2022 academic year is the first time campus has hosted an open house both semesters since 2019. During the two most recent events in 2018 and 2019 similar attendance was reported with 143 prospective students attending between the two events.

“In-person is such a world of difference compared to virtual,” said Addington. “There’s something about being able to talk to people face to face, and getting on campus is one of the things we always say it’s one of the most important things for prospective students.”

The event faced one major challenge, the weather. After a sunny start to the day, the skies quickly turned overcast, leading to a thunderstorm and sleet during campus tours.

“New England’s funny, you just never know what’s going to happen weather-wise,” said Addington. “Behind the scenes, we had two options for families and they never even knew the difference.”

Some of the tour groups took advantage of being in Brennan Library by visiting the Spring Carnival in the Winslow Academic Center. Intended for current students, the carnival had a variety of games, snacks, and booths to visit.

“The families liked it because they got to go to the carnival so they got popcorn and candy and they got more of a feel of what events were like on campus,” said sophomore exercise science major Katrina Abouzeid. “It didn’t really affect the day. It was just an unfortunate reality.”

The next admissions event will be the Laser Days running April 25 to April 29. This experience gives accepted students another look at the campus, potential majors, and an opportunity to talk to current students.

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