Are commuter students supported?

By Abi Brown – Arts Editor

People commute to school for a variety of reasons, ranging from living close to campus, to wanting to live in their first apartment on their own. Having a support system for commuters is vital to making us feel welcomed in the community. 

This university provides many resources for commuter students, and your experience is only as good as you make it. 

There are plenty of events everyone is able to attend which is a good place to meet new people. Also, if you need a place to hangout and relax, but have no dorm to return to, the Intercultural Center & Commuter Cottage (IC3) is a reliable spot. On top of this, we have access to everything a student living on campus would, such as dining and health services, the fitness and career centers, etc.   

It can sometimes be hard for students, commuter or not, to make new friends and feel included on campus. However, Lasell provides ample opportunities to get involved on campus between CAB, all the different clubs, guest speakers and other events. For a smaller school, they put a lot of effort into making these events possible.  

The IC3 was created as a diverse safe space for students, especially commuters. They provide you with a small kitchen, lockers, computers, and an opportunity to meet other students as well. You can go to get some work done or even attend one of their programs, discussions, and/or events. 

On top of creating an entirely safe space just for commuters and other students to have a comfortable place to do homework or meet new people, they also offer all the same services that are typically given to the on-campus students. Not every school is able to do this, so the fact we even get free health services and counseling makes me feel like I have a safety net.  

Now I understand that not every commuter may agree with me. There is still the hassle of finding parking (which is limited), as well as the costs for it. Also, even though we have access to get a meal plan, this is also pretty expensive for a sub-par meal. However, to this I would say parking, especially behind the STC is not bad. A parking permit is also only $60 a semester, which is nothing compared to schools around us such as Boston University, Northeastern, or Wentworth I.T. Also, forget the meal plan. All it takes is a few extra minutes in the morning to make a sandwich or pack a snack.  

When considering everything mentioned, I think it is safe to say Lasell has created a very supportive environment for commuters. However, this only remains true if you accept the support.

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