Editor’s Column: Put yourself out there 

By Rebecca Osowski – Features Editor 

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Osowski

When I got to Lasell in the middle of a pandemic, I felt lost. I was away from home, struggling to connect with my roommate, and had no idea what I wanted to do currently or in the future. 

One day, I hopped on a Zoom to meet faculty in the Communication department, and met Professor Marie Franklin who raved about the 1851 Chronicle and the impact it had. Shortly after that Zoom and a quick phone call with my mom, I reached out to Professor Franklin and joined the Chronicle on a whim. 

While I truly believe I would not be where I am today without Professor Franklin, I also would not be where I am today without the 1851 Chronicle. I have not only grown and acquired skills that will help me in a professional setting, but I have created countless memories and relationships that will last a lifetime. 

As I reflect on my first two years, I realize it is only up from here. I did not think I could write for the paper, let alone be a section editor, but I have, and as I take on a new role of Co-Editor-in-Chief, I am so grateful for the opportunities the Chronicle has provided me and look forward to more opportunities to grow.  

One of my biggest takeaways thus far has been that college is the time to explore, try new things, break out of your comfort zone, and put yourself out there. Try things that excite you, that scare you, that bring you joy and give you purpose.   

I encourage everyone, whether looking for a smaller community, looking to gain real-world experience, or looking to follow a hobby or passion, to join a club or extracurricular. We can be our own worst enemies and critics, so don’t let your brain or the what-ifs stop you.  

You can do anything you put your mind to and be someone you never thought you could be. When you finally put yourself out there, you will be so grateful for the opportunities that arise, the connections you make, and the memories you will cherish.

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