Lasers look back on Marathon Monday

By Hanna Babek & Rebecca Osowski – 1851 Contributor & Features Editor

Returning for the second time this year, the Boston Marathon was run on its traditional date, Patriot’s Day. Students spent this second race much like the October marathon–standing on Washington Street, cheering for runners, enjoying the WLAS event in the Arnow quad, and celebrating the day with friends.

Senior fashion design major Jaqueline Cordeiro said the marathon is an opportunity for the community to come together and escape the stress of finals and graduation. 

“You get to see people you don’t usually see because everyone just happens to have this one day off where they do nothing but hang around and chat,” Cordeiro said.

With this race happening so close to the end of the year, many seniors reminisce about their first time experiencing the marathon. 

Senior exercise science major Grace Marc-Aurele said, “I think as a senior, you tend to have a bit more of an appreciation for how much life has changed since we first started at Lasell as freshmen. I was such a different person back then but it was amazing to celebrate this year with a lot of the same people I was with my freshman year and to see how these friendships have remained after the past four years.”

With this marathon occurring so close to graduation, seniors have a bittersweet feeling about the day. Marc-Aurele says that she preferred October’s marathon because graduation was much further away. Nevertheless, she enjoyed her last Marathon Monday.

“It was really special to have this opportunity to celebrate with my friends and all my fellow Lasell students one last time,” Marc-Aurele said.

Eperiencing their last Marathon Monday means a lot to seniors, who have missed two years of the race due to the pandemic. Senior exercise science major Alahna Mild said, “I think that people might take in everything more now just in general, rather than the marathon. Just post-pandemic, enjoying everything a little bit more because we never know what could happen.”

This feeling was echoed by senior fashion merchandising major Lauren Barbuzzi, who said, “As a senior, it was special to have two Marathon Monday’s this academic year because it kind of made up for some of the past years we missed.”

The Boston Marathon provides a unique sense of community to the area and the schools within it. At Lasell, it gives students a way to celebrate where they live and the school they attend. This includes celebrating former members of the Lasell community, such as former professor Christianne Eason and alum Jonathan Klippert (‘12), both of whom ran the race. 

According to Marc-Aurele, the marathon also connects Lasell to Boston and the entire Newton community, as students are able to join community members in cheering on their loved ones. This presents an opportunity for connection that wouldn’t exist without the marathon. 

Seniors are glad to see the marathon’s return not only for themselves but for the underclassmen that follow. “It’s one of those events… we do every year and is something we stopped doing so…two whole class grades don’t know what happens or what to expect,” Cordeiro said. 

As these seniors move on, they hope this second marathon provides expectations and reestablishes a Lasell tradition. “I feel like this was great so people can establish and get back into what the Lasell community does every year,” Cordeiro said.

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