Late night dining moves to Valentine

By Kait Bedell & Harley LacardoNews Editor & 1851 Contributor

Students grab food at the new late-night dining option at Boomer’s grill. Photo by Kait Bedell

From Arnow to Valentine Dining Hall, the late-night dining option looks different this semester in many different ways. 

What was once “1851 late-night” has now become “Boomer’s Grill” with many changes including food options. 

Through the Boost Mobile app, 1851 late night used to offer different entrees including chicken tender wraps, quesadillas, salads, mozzarella stick baskets, and more. 

With Boomer’s Grill, food options are dependent on what dining hall workers are serving at the regular dining hall hours grill that day. 

Some students who are used to the old dining options on campus said they are not happy with the food and location changes for late night. 

“I feel like it’s taken away from the specialty of having 1851 on campus,” sophomore communications major Maeve Willerup said. “I’m disappointed with the limitations that are now set on what you can get.” 

Willerup said the change of scenery also takes away from the atmosphere of late-night dining on campus which she used to enjoy. 

“The 1851 was different from the dining hall and having late night be at the dining hall instead just makes it feel like a normal dinner,” Willerup said. “It takes away from the whole experience.” 

Not only did late-night move, but the 1851 market also relocated to the dining hall, leaving 1851 with no late-night food options. 

Sophomore communications major Kirsten Miller was not happy about this change. “The market was open at any hour of the day, making it easy to get a snack if I was hungry after a late night of work. Now I don’t have the option to get a quick snack anywhere on campus,” Miller said. 

Director of Dining Services and Catering, Michael Quackenbush, has stated the market will be closed for the remainder of the semester. “All of the offerings that were available have been relocated to Valentine Dining as a pop-up market,” Quackenbush said. Due to that change, the market is not open 24/7.

Despite some of the drastic changes, other students said they enjoy the new late-night and think that the location is more convenient. 

Sophomore Lily Stark is among the students who prefer the late-night dining option to be at Valentine Dining Hall. 

“I like that now I don’t have to walk across campus for food when I get back to school from work late at night,” Stark said. “Now it’s located in a more central spot on campus which is convenient.”

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