A dinner with fate

By Rachel Shepard Copy Editor

Three years ago I climbed into the backseat of the former 1851 Chronicle’s Art Director’s car to go to Professor Marie Franklin’s house. 

Before COVID-19, Franklin would invite the Chronicle staff to her house for a dinner party once a year. I somehow managed to get invited to the last dinner party before quarantine, and before Franklin announced her retirement. 

Nothing eventful happened. Instead, we simply sat and talked together, played card games, bugged Franklin’s dog, and we laughed together. This singular night was the first moment I felt like I belonged on campus. Granted, I wasn’t technically on campus, but that’s beside the point. 

Before then, I had thought about applying for the upcoming copy editor position for 2020, but kept brushing it off. I had only written one article that year and rarely spoke at meetings; it seemed natural the position should go to someone else. 

But sitting there on the living room floor, pizza in hand, and shoulder-to-shoulder with future friends, it felt like I belonged. 

I got the position, and stayed on for two years. It propelled me into my “professional” career as a journalist where I took on additional editing roles. 

When I tell people about my time on the Chronicle I often talk about those professional benefits, and how it helped me find a niche in my major. It’s quick and easy, and the conversation moves on. But now openly and wholeheartedly, before I graduate, I want to emphasize that the true benefit of being on the paper was the friendships I built with the staff that lasted these three years. 

The paper has given me countless opportunities but it gave me a few treasured friendships. As I leave Lasell, I know I’ll never lose this particular connection through my staff members. I can’t wait to see what the future of the paper holds as we leave; I know that we leave the Chronicle in the wonderful, capable hands of our editors. 

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