Award banquet winners

By Kaie Quigley Co-Editor-In-Chief

Student organization leaders, faculty advisors, and more gathered in de Witt Hall last Thursday for the annual Student Awards Banquet. It was the first time the banquet had been held in-person since 2019.

At the event, a collection of awards are given out to honor the dedication and service of community members over the course of the academic year.

The following is a list of every award that was given out that night and it’s recipient:

2022-2023 Student Government Association Executive Board:

President: Michael Woo

VP of Academic Affairs: Celeste Hunter-Pines

VP of Student Affairs: Gaelle Nelfise

VP of Financial Affairs: Michael Palumbo

VP of Communication Affairs: Samantha Vega-Torres

Class of 2023 President: Kaylee Arvayo-Bickford

Class of 2024 President: Kristen Gorham

Class of 2025 President: Caitlin Orsino

Dr. Thomas E.J. de Witt Spirit Award: Karin Raye, Assistant Professor of Justice Studies and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Lamp Yearbook Dedication: Donnell Turner, Director, Center for Career Readiness and Internship Programs

Lasell University Alumni Association Scholarship: Emily Casella, Kiara Fournier, Celeste Hunter-Pines, Eileen McCarthy & Madeline Walter

Anne Doyle Book Award: Devin Zambruno

Leadership in Equity Award: Josefyne Santiago

Commitment to Service Award: Emmanuella Brempong

Lasell Bowls: Maggie Clukey, Colleen Egan, Sophia Gadsden, Melaney Jenkins, Rachel McGrillen, Nicholas Shelley, Haley Sherman, Elise Stanbury, Taylor Viles & Sarah Votto

Student Organization of the Year: LCTV (Lasell Community Television)

Student Leader of the Year: Josefyne Santiago

Lasell Chair: Anna King

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