Hooked on news early on

By Marie C. Franklin Faculty Advisor

Associate Professor of Journalism and Advisor of The 1851 Chronicle, Marie C. Franklin, smiles for the camera while being interviewed by Today Australia three years ago. Photo by Alex Balletto

My love of journalism goes back to before I even started school. I’m three, maybe four, sitting on my daddy’s lap, soaking up time with him, as he reads his morning newspapers. Providence Journal, Wall Street Journal, Boston Herald American. “Daddy, who is that man in the picture?” I asked. “President Dwight Eisenhower,” my father would reply, and then he’d turn the page.

In time, he learned to utilize me in a practical way. “Marie, turn the page for daddy so I can take a sip of my coffee.” When I was older, he’d give me $1 and ask me to ride my bike to the corner store and buy all three said newspapers for him. 

JFK was assassinated when I was 10. I remember coming home from school and finding my mother weeping in front of our TV as Walter Cronkite cried on live television after telling the nation their president had died. You’ve got the picture. I’ve been hooked on news from an early age.

So how lucky have I been for the last 14 years teaching journalism and advising The 1851 Chronicle? Lucky indeed.

As if 25 years working at The Boston Globe wasn’t enough for a news nerd? Or writing for my college newspaper? Or advising two high school journalism clubs? For the last chapter of a rewarding career, I accepted a job to join the Lasell faculty and mentor a cadre of Lasers who changed my life and made my pre-retirement years so fulfilling.

This is the story of how I got to The 1851 Chronicle. As I say goodbye, I say thanks to a long list of treasured colleagues. And especially, to the students who made my time here memorable. I would name every person individually but then I’d go way over word count. You know who you are, and trust me when I say, you have a permanent place in my heart.

As retirement nears, I feel the same fear I did when I came to Boston to attend Emmanuel College 50 years ago. How will I spend my time? What challenges will I face? Will I make friends and find a place in my new community? I’ve had a blast working with the students at Lasell the past several years and thank them for setting up Facebook and Instagram for me.

Maybe it’s time to start a Tik Tok account and then you’ll never see or hear the end of me.

With Love and Gratitude,

Prof. Marie Campagna Franklin

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