Senior round-up: Their lasting legacies

By Kait Bedell & Rebecca Osowski News Editor & Co-Editor-In-Chief

In honor of commencement, the 1851 Chronicle is highlighting one graduate from each school and sharing their stories. 

Longe School of Business:

A double major in finance and accounting, Matt Bischof said his time at Lasell has prepared him for the business world, and having professors in high positions, like Professor Robert Zuar, has helped Bischof the most. 

“He has always offered to help me in classes, even if he is not teaching them,” Bischof said. “He has helped guide me in my job search and finding a position he thinks I will enjoy and do well in.” 

After graduating and returning to Lasell for his MBA, Bischof hopes to pursue his finance career in investment banking while living in Boston. 

School of Communication and the Arts:

Video production major Juliana DeMuro found her passion while taking a communications course in high school, tasked with creating the morning news. After working with Lasell Community Television (LCTV), anchoring the show ‘Laser Exclusive’ and working as executive producer on another, DeMuro narrowed down her career path.

While she has no immediate plans following graduation, DeMuro hopes to live and work in New York City, pursuing a career in television.

Her biggest piece of advice is to push yourself, but not to a breaking point. “If you’re stopping yourself because you have these what-ifs in your head, or you don’t think you are going to be good enough, don’t listen to that voice, get started, do what you want to do,” DeMuro said.

School of Fashion:

After coming to Lasell as an elementary ed major, Aster Kallman will graduate as a design major. 

When Kallman took an introductory design class his first year, he discovered a natural talent for the art. Ever since, he has spent his time combining his passions with clothes. 

Kallman said being an out transgender male in fashion was an impactful part of his journey here; he counts this as part of his legacy. 

“I’m not sure how many openly transgender fashion students we’ve had, so I’d like to hope that has a little bit of an impact,” Kallman said. “To be a very openly transgender male in fashion but have that not really define everything I do in fashion.” 

School of Health Sciences:

Courtney Sobolewski, an exercise science major, transferred from Pennsylvania State University, seeking out Lasell because of its small community. While her dream is athletic training at the collegiate level, Sobolewski’s love for science and athletics influenced her to pursue exercise science as it provides options for various career paths.

After graduating, Sobolewski will attend the University of New England to pursue her graduate degree in athletic training. 

When asked to give advice to underclassmen, Sobolewski said, “don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and trust your instinct. If you want to try something new, go for it, this is the time to do it.”

School of Humanities, Education, Justice, and Social Sciences:

Psychology major Claire Shepherd said she has always wanted to help people and found a way to do that during her time at Lasell. 

Shepherd said professors on campus, like Professor Karin Raye, have helped guide her toward the career path that best suits her. 

“[Professor Raye] has just been a really great support system and she’s helped me kind of dive into a field that I’m really interested in, working with different survivors of all different backgrounds,” Shepherd said.

Shepherd hopes to return home to California to work with domestic and sexual assault survivors in the counseling industry after graduating.

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