Those you’ve known

By Claire CrittendonCo-Editor-In-Chief

Oh man. Oh boy. I have rewritten this piece too many times, and I do not know where to begin.

Do I start with Professor Franklin? Who took notice of my writing three years ago and took the time to meet with me in her office, walk me through the process of changing my major, and whose support and passion have never waivered?

Do I start with Megan Palumbo and Colin Froment? The two Editors-in-Chief my first year who took me in and taught me everything, from how to write a headline to how to successfully and compassionately run a newspaper?

Or Katie Peters? My partner in crime and in journalism since our first day as staff writers, up to our first semester as co-Editors-in-Chief? A wonderful role model in patience, kindness, and determination whose legacy I aspire to live up to.

What about my staff? I’ve had the pleasure of leading staff and section editors for over two years now, and I am forever grateful for all they have taught me. Coming full circle and having the opportunity to work one-on-one with promising first and second-year students and watching them grow into powerful reporters and editors is a blessing.

And my current and upcoming editors and my co-Editor-in-Chief – you are the glue holding this house together. Thank you for giving up your time and your sanity for a week of late nights and organized chaos every month. Thank you for stepping up at every given chance. Thank you for continually giving this club what you can, and for the energy you bring to the office every week. Watching you evolve as student leaders, and as people, has been amazing, and I am so proud of you all.

To Becca and Kaie, I could not be more confident in you as my successors. The paper will be in good hands with you both. You’ve got this.

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