Thrown into the deep end

By Holly Feola Opinion Editor

In the fall of 2018 I attended my very first class at Lasell— Media Storytelling with Professor Franklin. I had no idea what to expect. Two things I knew were I don’t know much about media but I enjoyed the idea of storytelling. It was that class that led to me joining the 1851 Chronicle. 

She pulled me aside during class and told me that there was going to be a meeting for the paper and I should join. I remember just smiling and nodding at her hoping that she wouldn’t keep insisting. I thought “me, a psychology major in a newspaper with a bunch of communication majors? How would that work?”

I found myself sitting in a crowded room on the floor with a bunch of people who were chatting and catching up. I remember when I looked around the room there was not a single familiar face except for Professor Franklin. I stayed quiet, waiting for the meeting to begin.

When the editors started to pitch stories, I had no idea what was happening. People raised their hands saying they would write and interview people. At one point I heard them mention Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend and I thought that it sounded like a fun story to write. I raised my hand, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. 

Without taking one journalism class, I wrote my first article. It was quite the experience sprinkled with rookie mistakes. I frantically wrote down quotes instead of recording them. 

I look back at those experiences with a smile and laugh at the things I didn’t know compared to the things I have learned as a section editor. That story I took exposed me to the joy of storytelling. 

As a senior, I entered my last 1851 Chronicle meeting. I took a look around the room. The room was just as crowded with people, except I pretty much knew everyone there, I chatted with other editors, and remembered I’m no longer that shy, first year anymore. 

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