Visualize your reality

By Taylor Viles Sports Editor

One thing has been certain over the last four years: once I graduate from college, I will enter the sports industry as a reporter. This has not only been my goal, it has been my reality. 

Four years ago, I found myself on campus with the tools and mentors needed for this reality to come to fruition. The 1851 Chronicle one was of the tool. I didn’t join in my first semester because I didn’t see myself as a writer. In fact, I disliked writing. Then I began to understand how special this college newspaper is. The constant badgering to join by Professor Franklin and former co-editor-in-chief Megan Palumbo showed that Chronicle cared about its staff. I realized the paper was going to set me up well in college.

The first articles I wrote when I joined the Chronicle were co-written with my friend and former sports editor, Adam Hallenbeck (‘21). He showed me to craft a good story. I eventually became the sports editor and trained a new set of talented sportswriters. Sophomore LJ LaFiura caught my eye from his first article. I knew  he would eventually replace me. He will thrive in this position.

Early in my Chronicle career, I discovered I had an ability to write. This was one of the first times I felt I had chosen the right career path. I then  began to visualize the path to my ultimate reality. 

Visualization is an art form my Mom attempted to instill; I didn’t think it was real though. I began to practice visualizing my future anyway. It began to work and opportunities started to come my way.

From the moment I began my journey as a Laser, I’ve had a plan. If not for the 1851 Chronicle, I don’t know if I would be graduating with confidence to begin my first job. I rose from a timid writer with zero journalism experience to a passionate sports editor to a soon-to-be-graduate who has made his dream a reality. 

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