Who would’ve thought

By Abi Brown Arts Editor

During my first year at Lasell, I was required to take a journalism course. Shortly after enrolling, I realized I was actually very moved by the power a journalist held. Enlightening and entertaining people with your words is a very unique opportunity. 

Before taking Journalism I (COM209), I was under the impression journalists were manipulative and sought to change a story to fit their own narrative. I did not realize how vast the world of journalism actually was. 

Professor Marie Franklin emphasized the power our words held. She did not hold back on exposing the worst parts of it. Simultaneously, she encouraged and taught us to collect accurate information through the use of different news outlets, how to spot fake news, and how to conduct real, factual journalism. 

As the semester progressed, Professor Franklin had reached out to me, multiple times, to join the The 1851 Chronicle. I was slightly intimidated at first as I had never done anything like this. Eventually, as I took more stories, I got used to the work and fell in love with it. I was even able to have my own personality profile section in the Arts & Entertainment (A&E) section, which is one of my proudest achievements. After  one semester of really proving myself, I was asked by the past Editor-in-Chief to take over the A&E section as an editor. Again, I was intimidated, but was ready for the challenge. 

My time as an editor has flown by. I have grown immensely as a writer. Shortly after gaining this position, and with some convincing from Professor Franklin, I got my minor in journalism. It was the best decision I could have made. My major is in fashion media & marketing, so initially, I did not see the connection. However, now that I am applying to jobs, I realized how vital writing skills are to have. My vision for my future has changed a lot since arriving at Lasell, and I never thought it’d take me here. However, I am extremely grateful to have been a part of a team like this. 

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