About The Chronicle

Re-established in 2006, The 1851 Chronicle is Lasell’s student newspaper. Our goal is to deliver news to the Lasell community in a fair and balanced way. We offer opportunities for members of our staff to get real world journalism experience outside of the classroom. We believe our paper represents connected learning at its finest. Currently the print edition of the paper is a monthly publication with additional content posted on our website, the1851chronicle.org, on a regular basis.

Staff Editors:

Claire Crittendon, Co-Editor-in-Chief – CCrittendon@lasell.edu

Kaie Quigley, Co-Editor-in-Chief – KQuigley@lasell.edu

Mike Maruk, Art Director – MMaruk@lasell.edu

Kait Bedell, News Editor – KBedell@lasell.edu

Holly Feola, Opinion Editor – HFeola@lasell.edu

Abi Brown, Arts & Entertainment Editor – ATBrown@lasell.edu

Rebecca Osowski, Features Editor – ROsowski@lasell.edu

Taylor Viles, Sports Editor – TViles@lasell.edu

Rayana Petrone, Digital Editor – RPetrone@lasell.edu

Bailey Klingaman, Digital Editor – BKlingaman@lasell.edu

Rachel Shepard, Copy Editor – RShepard@lasell.edu

Marie C. Franklin, Faculty Advisor – MFranklin@lasell.edu

Find us on social media:

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1851Chronicle

Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/1851Chronicle

Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/1851Chronicle

Contact us at the1851chronicle@gmail.com 

Check out our Style Guide:


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